About Jennie

Jennie Schroder


Want to know more about me?

I’m an entrepreneur, author, mom, wife and lover of anything creative. I love tattoos, coffee, and reading.

I am kind of a serial learner. If I find something that interests me, I research it and learn all I can about it. I went to school for over 20 years. And to this day I take courses to learn things. I’ve studied the law and became a paralegal, I studied creative writing, photography, graphic design, business, marketing, and web design/ development.

Guess what? I fell in love with all of it. But web design and development challenged me in ways that kept me on my toes. I also got to do a lot of what I love while doing it. I create design, use my photography skills.


My Back Story

I believe everyone has a back story and I am no exception. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. My parents divorced when I was very young 5 to be exact. And it was rough. Many custody court battles that lasted up until two months before I was 18.

I love both of my parents dearly. And both taught me a lot about life. My dad instilled in me the value of working and running a business. I watched him create a successful business that he runs to this day.

My mom taught me to love with all your might. That to help other who less fortunate than yourself is the best thing you can do in your life. Over the years she took in so many people and she’d be the first to give the shirt off her back to help someone.


My Reason for Doing What I Do

To be honest, I do what I do because I love it. I love to create things, and I love helping others. I do it for myself, but my biggest why is that I want to instill in my three children the same things that both my parents instilled in me. The motivation to work hard and to help others.

I feel that if you give a 100% of yourself you will get back even more. Helping someone create something that will see to their future financial and mental stability is so rewarding. I love the look in my customers eyes when they see their brand new site and they know that they’ve got this.

I also love teaching them how to brand themselves and build a business with tools they have on hand.

Everyone has a unique gift and mine just happens to be building websites and helping people with their Pinterest Branding.

So, now what? What is your gift? You know you have one!

What I am Here to Do

  • Create beautiful responsive designed websites
  • Help you Brand yourself, create a platform for your books and store that you can earn income from while you are writing your next best seller.
  • Set-up email marketing to build your fan base
  • Set-up social media and Pinterest to market your books- which, by the way — is you!!!
  • Empower you to follow your dreams to write full-time and earn a full-time income from your creativity

If you’d like to work with me, please fill out the Work with me form. Click the link and you will find it at the bottom of the page. I really look forward to hearing from you and then getting to know you and your business. If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.